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We believe entrepreneurs are true heroes changing the world one product at a time.  Our mission is to reduce the failure rate of these everyday heroes by providing, coaching, business optimization tools and workshops to strengthen entrepreneur skills in 12 "superpower" business categories. 


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Our virtual workshops provide group training, coaching and activities to support you on your entrepreneur journey. Each workshop provides skill development in one of our 12 superpower business categories and action items to implement in your business immediately. Discuss topics with experienced and new entrepreneurs as we solve business problems and grow our companies together. 


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We've all been in free groups and communities where you often find advertisements, random content and mixed opinions. You should join this community if you want to hear from coaches and entrepreneurs who can help make your business better. We are starting with very simple content but you will find numerous resources and benefits as the community grows. These benefits include: business courses, focus groups, free downloads, free workshops, one-on-one coaching, legal advice, virtual event and more. Try for free and cancel at anytime. 

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As we start and grow our businesses we often need resources to help us do a variety of things. For example, managing our social media strategy, planning daily operations or researching customer demographics. Startup Heroes provides tools and templates to make a lot of this easier for you.  Start with one of our workbooks and let us know how you're using it to improve your business. 

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Alane Johnson, 

Cant Be Fat Forever Founder

"Startup Heroes has helped create a safe space for entrepreneurs to grow, develop, and share. I have gained so much more from the group sessions and the bi-weekly coaching sessions than I could have done on my own." -Lon

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The Detail Guy Owner

When I heard about the workshops I was  very happy to be invited. I was able to use some quick strategies to improve my social media strategy .

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DreamlessTresses CEO

After starting the Startup Heroes workshops one of my first goals was to understand my finances and get all of my transactions into one place with a website. Since my launch in June I’ve  made thousands in revenue with this guidance and structure!

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