"Building Better Brands"
Entrepreneur Workshop

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About the  Workshop 7/28 6PM PsT

Brittany reveals how global brands are built from scratch and how she is living proof that you can grow yours from the ground floor. Not only has she built a powerful brand but she also has build a loyal following and a strong business. All on instagram. Let's learn some gems and build a brand that will attract revenue!

Topics Included:

  • Brittany B's Story - From 0 to 133k followers

  • How to build your brand from scratch

  • What makes a great brand

  • What makes people buy from brands on Instagram? 

  • How do I do a complete rebrand? 

  • Q&A


Join Brittany B. and Jacoby along with a group of entrepreneurs as we work together to build stronger businesses and GREAT brands.

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About Brittany B,
CEO of the BRanding Bar

Brittany Benson is a solid professional with a robust passion for hard work and helping others. The North Carolina native went on to make Atlanta her home, and there she continues to build all of her ventures, including The Branding Bar. With her company she shapes and molds the careers of rising and established clientele, with a strong focus on helping entrepreneurs.


Brittany received her B.A. from North Carolina University, with a concentration in Mass Communications. She also gained her Master’s degree in Marketing Management from Strayer University. She has garnered plenty of positive attention because of her unyielding work ethic, professionalism, and pleasant personality.

“My motivation comes from wanting the best life possible for myself, and knowing that I can achieve anything if I am persistent, and put my energy into whatever I’m working on,“ states Ms. Benson. In the future she plans on having The Branding Bar as nationally recognized agency. She’s also plans to host business seminars and expos that will give dreamers and business owners the chance to have information at their disposable, to help them reach their highest level with their ideas and companies.


For Brittany success is measured by how many people you also help find it. Even with all the roles she plays, Brittany Benson never loses sight of her most important one, which is to always remain true to who she is. Brittany is open for speaking engagements, and contract work. 



Jacoby Stuart, Founder

Jacoby Stuart is on a mission to destroy the 70% failure rate of new startups and small business as a whole. For 15 years he has supported 100s of entrepreneurs growing their business, and building great products and services.

Jacoby took up his formal Business and Communications studies at CSU, East Bay and Stanford University. He is also a Certified Scrum Master and Certified Product Owner. Aside from formal education, he attributes a lot of his business success to his mentor Michael E. Parker, the founder of You Are a CEO, Inc. and many thriving ventures. Under Michael's tutelage Jacoby learned how to serve clients with excellence, build companies with good intentions and lean operations. 

Jacoby volunteers his time hosting monthly affordable workshops covering a variety of actionable topics to strengthen entrepreneur's business skills.  He has an extensive background in tech, analytics and entrepreneurship and is using his skillset and passion to give back to entrepreneurs who need direction, knowledge and an entrepreneurial community.


Jacoby is a full-time techie by day, and entrepreneur coach by night.

Aside from business he is a committed Christian, foodie and loves working with youth in the community. 


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